polish Airlines LOT
LOT Polish Airlines connects Central and Eastern Europe to the world.
Every year we host on board our aircraft 7 million passengers, providing them with possibly the most efficient and most comfortable journeys from Warsaw to over 90 destinations worldwide.

We are the only airline in Central Eastern Europe to offer direct long-haul flights to New York, Chicago, Newark, Los Angeles, Toronto, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and now Singapore from mid-May 2018.

Warsaw is an efficient and competitive transfer hub for Poland and CEE. A well-designed flight network, fast transfers, convenient departure and arrival times, plus an optimal location in the centre of Europe with user-friendly airport infrastructure – these are the advantages that enable us to ensure extensive transfer opportunities and connectivity for the region.

Our fleet is one of the youngest in Europe and we are the only airline to operate all long-haul flights with the most cutting-edge aircraft in the world – the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

LOT is all about people – who are full of positive energy and the ability to successfully combine modernity with tradition. The best pilots, many of them renowned as world champions, professional cabin crews and ground staff serve our passengers every day with commitment and smiles. We are proud that we are building Poland’s most international brand together.

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