Citilink is a low-cost airline brand of Garuda Indonesia headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Citilink Indonesia has become the fastest growing airline in Indonesia since 2011 at the time when it took the first Airbus A320 aircraft and accelerated growth as part of Garuda Group’s effort to compete aggressively on the budget traveller segment.

From August 2019 Citilink serves three international destinations which include Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and China as well as a large majority of Indonesian domestic destinations.

Citilink’s fleet consists of 50 aircraft. This includes the Airbus A320 which is the first commercial passenger aircraft with the fly-by-wire digital control system, the pilot is able to control the aircraft through electronic signalling and not mechanical signally.

Citilink aims to become a world-class LCC with sustainable profitability and the most admired company in Indonesia.

The airline is also looking to improve the quality of people's lives by providing disruption-free air transportation that has high reliability and international security standards through a touch of Indonesian hospitality.

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